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The Reason You Did Not Buy a Technology



Technology: I simply perused Joel Bruckenstein’s 2009 Software and Technology Survey on Financial Planning’s site (read the article). It’s an extraordinary article and Joel completed a ton of investigation to help every one of us comprehend what advancements individuals are and are not utilizing. Perusing this article brought up an issue in my brain… for what reason are individuals NOT purchasing a specific innovation? As a productivity arrangement supplier myself, I have a few thoughts why. Regardless of whether you’re a technologist such as myself, an IT proficient or simply the purchaser of another innovation, it is sensible to expect that setting aside individuals time and cash would be an undeniable motivation to make everybody need to utilize it. In any case, they don’t. For what reason is that? Here are the fundamental reasons I experience that apply to all of us, including me: obliviousness, rate of profitability (ROI) and an absence of acknowledged worth.


Let’s be honest: when you experience an issue it is a lot simpler to disregard it than to attempt to unravel it. Envision ceasing amidst a procedure each time you experience a wastefulness, an absence of incorporation, a missing element, and so on to locate a superior arrangement. You could never achieve anything on schedule. When you’re occupied and basically attempting to finish an assignment the exact opposite thing you need to do is stop and locate a superior way. Along these lines we stay uninformed of better arrangements, better administration or better highlights inside our current arrangements. Perhaps the most ideal approaches to tackle this issue is to do what Joel finishes up and set up together an innovation plan.

A decent Technology plan should begin with an outline of your activities and procedures, distinguishing proof of

your current advancements that serve each procedure point and who in your group works each progression of your procedure. With the review close by, distinguish the procedure steps where you either don’t have an innovation arrangement at all or your present arrangement is obsolete or inadequate. Realizing which procedure steps need your consideration will make it simpler for you to get ready for the innovation that best accommodates your procedure stream. The last advance to building a fundamental innovation plan is to examine the potential arrangements and fabricate a financial limit.

Step by step instructions to Assess ROI

There is this extraordinary error with regards to purchasing innovation called rate of return (ROI). Each deal individual needs to accept that in the event that they can demonstrate to you an extremely extraordinary ROI that you’ll get out your checkbook. It doesn’t exactly work that way. You naturally realize that your arrival on venture may shift as per your real use of the arrangement, current expenses without the new arrangement and whether you and your clients will really embrace the arrangement.

The better method to evaluate whether an answer will give you an arrival on speculation is to choose whether you can live without the arrangement inside and out. Obviously you should think about the expense – burning through $5,000 to spare $500 doesn’t bode well. Then again, if the arrangement will build your income by $10,000 while sparing you $500 then burning through $5,000 can bode well. In the event that you believe you can’t live without the arrangement, at that point overlook the ROI numbers in light of the fact that the arrangement will be justified, despite all the trouble if your spending limit bears the direct front expense. On the off chance that you can live without the arrangement, at that point you have to choose if the new innovation will enable you to develop, upgrade your income, improve your picture or other immaterial advantages that can’t be incorporated into a ROI investigation.

Worth – Perceived or Realized?

There are two different ways to be sold on an item: the impression of its worth or the acknowledgment of its worth. View of significant worth is shaped during the deals and research process. Asking others how they utilize the item, finding out about the most famous arrangements and hearing narrative examples of overcoming adversity all add to your impression of the arrangement’s worth. At that point you purchase and expectation it satisfies the worth you see. The other route is to acknowledge an incentive before you purchase. Acknowledging worth is generally Technology accomplished during a free preliminary when you can see the arrangement in real life and see the outcomes for yourself. For instance, with our end-client item, Quik! Structures Library, you can attempt the completely included programming for 14 days for nothing and inside the initial couple of minutes of creating frames you’ll understand the estimation of the arrangement and know whether the arrangement is for you or not.

An essential reason you didn’t purchase or utilize an innovation is because of an absence of significant worth, regardless of whether saw or figured it out. To improve your business with Technology you should defeat the obstacle of finding the incentive in a given arrangement. Clearly the individual or site guiding you to take a gander at the innovation may need to complete a superior occupation of passing on worth however we’re looking at improving your business so the onus to discover an incentive in innovation is very you! Take the free preliminary and truly evaluate the arrangement. Converse with different clients. Peruse the tributes and contextual analyses. Discover the worth and see what Joel is discussing when he says “What are you sitting tight for?”.

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Eskom Implements Stage 2 load Shedding From 9pm



Eskom Suspends Load Shedding For Parliament To Pass Appropriation Bills

Eskom announced it will be implementing Stage 2 load shedding from 9pm on Thursday, until 5am on Friday.

The power utility said it has to do the implementation, in order to replenish its emergency generation reserves.

In a statement released, Eskom said load shedding will be implemented until Saturday.

“Eskom regrets to inform the public that Stage 2 load shedding will be implemented this evening, from 9pm until 5am, to continue replenishing the emergency generation reserves, which have been depleted in order to keep the lights on during business hours. This load shedding will be repeated on Friday night, from 9pm to 5am on Saturday,” Eskom said.

It said its emergency reserves have been depleted faster than expected, due to further breakdowns of its generating units, each at the Kriel and Tutuka power stations, on Thursday.

Eskom said there have been delays in returning generating units at Tukuta, Grootvlei and Tutuka power stations to operation, which has also contributed to the depletion of emergency reserves.

“Total breakdowns amount to 14 982MW, while planned maintenance is 5 334MW of capacity. Should the emergency generation reserves not recover sufficiently, it may be necessary to continue load shedding during the day and over the weekend,” the power utility said.

Eksom said it will communicate to the public promptly should there be any significant changes to the power system.

While Eskom expects a number of generating units to return to service from breakdowns during the course of the next few days, we urge the public to reduce their electricity usage and to continue using electricity sparingly, to assist in avoiding load shedding,” it said.

South Africa has not had any load shedding since July 22.

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8 ANC Signatories Call For ’Self-serving’ Ramaphosa To Be Charged



8 ANC Signatories Call For ’Self-serving’ Ramaphosa To Be Charged

THERE have been calls for President Cyril Ramaphosa to be disciplined after taking money from private funders to campaign for his presidential election campaign during the run-up to the 2017 ANC elective conference in Nasrec, Johannesburg.

On Monday, during a press briefing in Johannesburg, signatories of the ANC in eight provinces called for the ANC disciplinary committee to take action against the party’s number one.

The Western Cape was the only one of the nine South African provinces not to take part in the call.

Speaking to the Daily News, Onica Maphisa, the co-ordinator of the signatories, said that it was time the ANC stopped applying “double standards” and that it treat every ANC member fairly.

“President Ramaphosa used the ‘CR17 Campaign’, that he established to advance his personal presidential ambitions, as the fund-raising and fund distribution tool. None of this is any longer under dispute, it is common cause that this was done, as established in two court hearings,” Maphisa said.

She said the party’s problems were a result of the infiltrators who used money to control the ANC.

“The African National Congress is, as a consequence, faced with a serious legitimacy crisis with regard to the election of President Ramaphosa, and the current national executive committee of the ANC.

“The use of money in order to influence conference outcomes is indeed a very serious matter, and as a consequence of the actions of President Ramaphosa and his ‘CR17 Campaign’, it has become more pronounced and insidious.

“In this context, we, as concerned ANC members in good standing who have the best interests of the ANC at heart, decided to file an application through the Office of the Secretary-General of the ANC, to the effect that disciplinary proceedings must be instituted against President Ramaphosa for having obtained and used private funding with the expressed intention to influence the outcomes of the ANC’s 54th National Conference leadership elections.”

Maphisa said Ramaphosa was accused of deliberately breaching the ANC constitution by accepting private funds and using private business sources to get himself elected as president and going to extraordinary lengths to protect the identity of those who funded his campaign.

She also lashed out at the ANC national executive committee for failing to hold Ramaphosa accountable, saying that was because they had also benefited from the CR17 funds.


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Two People Shot Dead In Phoenix Following A Shootout With Police



Two People Shot Dead In Phoenix Following A Shootout With Police

Two people were fatally wounded and another person taken to hospital following a shootout with police in the early hours of this morning in Phoenix.

According to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate, SAPS members spotted a suspicious vehicle travelling on northern drive, in Phoenix and activated blue lights and siren to stop the vehicle.

Ipid spokesperson Grace Langa said the driver allegedly refused to stop.

“SAPS members drove side on the side of him shouting for him to stop but he still failed.”

Langa said it is alleged that when they stopped and a Sergeant police officer alighted from the vehicle and approached the suspects car, they fired shots at him injuring him on his leg.

“Suspects then opened fire and tried to escape.

“SAPS members returned fire and two of the suspects were killed while one was taken to hospital.”

Langa said two firearms were recovered from the suspects.

She said investigations were ongoing.

SAPS police spokesperson Captain Nqobile Gwala said police are investigating charges of attempted murder and inquest.

“More charges will be added at a later stage.”

In a separate incident earlier this month, a Verulam husband was shot and killed allegedly by police officers.

It is alleged his wife was being dropped off by members from Verulam SAPS when someone asked for her number.

There was an exchange of words and the husband was shot and died in hospital.

Langa said the officers claimed the husband opened fire on them and they were awaiting ballistics.

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A Further 250 Officers To Be Deployed To Hot Spot Areas In Cape Town



A further 250 officers to be deployed to hot spot areas in Cape Town

Western Cape MEC Albert Fritz welcomes the training of a further 250 Law Enforcement Advancement Plan (LEAP) officers which commences on Monday.

Fritz said that meant the officers would be ready for deployment to hot spot areas on the Cape Flats by mid-December.

This comes amid arguments for greater provincial policing powers from the Western Cape Government.

Over the next few weeks, the LEAP officers will be receiving training on how to use a handgun, how to stop and approach, radio procedures, how to use a tonfa (enforcement baton), and how to use pepper spray.

Fritz said the officers would also be receiving training on how to open a docket, take statements and understand the powers and duties of LEAP officers.

“To date, 721 law enforcement officers and 110 LEAP commanders have already been deployed. The additional 250 officers will bring the total number of officers deployed to 1.081. LEAP Officers work to increase visible policing in the identified crime hot spots in the Metro,” he said.

Fritz also welcomed the successes by LEAP officers over the past week.

Officers conducted 7 078 person-searches, 345 house searches and 879 vehicle searches in hot spot areas.

Officers conducted 104 autonomous operations and 100 joint operations with the SAPS.

The successful operations led to the confiscation of 60 mandrax tablets, 76 half mandrax tablets, 66 packets and parcels of dagga, 96 packets of crystal meth, 96 units and 18 straws of heroin along with other narcotics.

Officers also confiscated many dangerous weapons which include a panga, two swords along with knives, illegal firearms and ammunition.

“Over a seven-day period, we are searching more than a thousand suspicious people in our crime hot spots every day. We are searching more than 100 vehicles every day.

“Their (LEAP officers) work rate is really impressive. And with the addition of 250 more officers, this work rate will only increase and intensify,” Fritz said.

He said the local government wanted more policing responsibility, so that it could make a policy that spoke to the needs of the province and support the Western Cape SAPS to a greater extent than they were doing.

“The Constitution makes provision for greater involvement by the provinces, beyond just an oversight role. We can’t afford to be mere spectators ticking boxes. Our citizens need us to be more involved” Fritz added.

Premier Alan Winde welcomed the announcement and said that when the province launched its safety plan on September 19, 2019, it did so with the aim of making communities safer through a combination of violence prevention and law enforcement initiatives.

“It is only fitting that as we approach the second anniversary of this launch that we have begun training the third cohort of LEAP officers, to be deployed in our crime hotspots by the end of the year.

“I commend the City and provincial government on their joint partnership, which has made the LEAP programme possible, and which has made our most vulnerable communities feel safer,” he said.

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Mpumalanga Man Fatally Stabbed Ex-lover In The Presence of New Boyfriend



Mpumalanga Man Fatally Stabbed Ex-lover In The Presence of New Boyfriend

The Mpumalanga High Court sitting in Graskop has sentenced Shorence Delson Nghala, 50, from Mkhuhlu near Bushbuckridge to life and fifteen years imprisonment for the murder of his ex-lover, 20-year-old Zanele Makhubela.

Nghala was convicted of murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances after he pleaded guilty to the offences, according to National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) Mpumalanga provincial spokesperson Monica Nyuswa.

“In his plea statement, he told the court that on 27 October 2020 the deceased, Zanele Makhubela was in her home with her boyfriend near Mantangaleni, Mkhuhlu when he emerged. This [presence of the new boyfriend] angered him and as a result, he stabbed Makhubela with a knife several times,” said Nyuswa.

Makhubela succumbed to the stab wounds and injuries.

Nghala then fled the scene, taking Makhubela’s cellphone with him.

“Senior State Advocate, Vuyo Mkhulisi in aggravation of sentence emphasised on the scourge and prevalence of gender-based violence in the society. He said, Nghala interfered with the most precious gift of life such that he became cruel and heartless,” said Nyuswa.

The court heard that Makhubela suffered “the most horrific death” in the hands of his ex-lover. The court also heard that the slain woman had a bright future ahead of her.

“The judge, Johanna Mthimunye sentenced Nghala to life for murder and fifteen years imprisonment for robbery with aggravating circumstances. The court ordered the sentence in count two to run concurrently with the sentence in count one. The effective sentence being life,” said Nyuswa.

“Nghala was declared unfit to possess a firearm as part of the sentence. The judge further ordered that the deceased’s family must be consulted to make representation when Nghala is eligible for parole.”

The NPA has welcomed the sentence.

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